Badminton Shuttlecock Humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier designed specifically for badminton's shuttlecocks. Necessitates only 1 to 2 minutes of humidification for each tube.

Used the eve of play, this humidifier can increase up to 3 times the durability of shuttlecocks in dry conditions.The ultrasonic vapor production induces no heat and do not damage the shuttlecocks' glue.

The humidifier's size and weight makes it portable, fitting in any bag so to bring to the gym if needed. Its functions are easy to use.

 Yinglian humidifier Model BS 1.0

Power supply : 220v, 50hz

Output power : 0-28 w

Water capacity : 1 L

Evaporation rate : 380 ml/h



Packaging :


 Each humidifier weight 0.6kg. Sent in its original box with polystyrene protection.

Instruction manual included




Product Code: 002
Price: 24.00

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