The BS100 is Bauhinia sport badminton shuttlecock's entry model, suitable for beginners and for intermediate training. Our aim with this shuttle is to provide an alternative for players used to the plastic shuttles. The strong point in the bs100 shuttlecock is its good durability for the lowest price. Flight's stability is correct and responsiveness is average. It is ideal for clubs that have children learning, players with intermediate level who emphasize good quality/price ratio and for more advanced players on specific training exercises like multi-feeding.


The BS100 is a little faster then the average shuttle. Its speed 76 is close to most 77 shuttles ; we thus offer 76 and 77 for speeds.


Third grade duck feathers, synthetic cork head.


The BS100 tubes are inlaid with tin foil paper so to preserve the shuttlecocks' humidity. However, we recommend that you humidify the shuttles before playing. See Bauhinia sport's Facebook page for instruction on the humidifying process.

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